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We develop state of the art software systems that involve intelligent processes and integration to external platforms. Our solutions are designed to solve specific business needs, working under your companies’ principles and following the highest standards of performance and robustness.

Vending 365 by DLO Europa

Cashless System


This hardware and software upgrade moving to the Mobile Era, automate the payment process, allowing the customer pays with either credit cards, NFC, mobile, Apple pay, Google pay or customized mobile applications.


This system allows the customer to integrate the management of the vending to any compatible Point of Sales placed at restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and many more. It is a tool designed for the main point of administration to manage several vending machines.

Telemetry solution

PosCloud connector

The Cashless application complemented with PosCloud Backoffice (https://poscloud.es) allows to the customer to manage the vending machine remotely, checking sales and stock. This connector is a powerful tool to analyze usage information of the vending and to determine in real time which products have the highest demand, customer interests, and other useful information needed for better understanding of your client’s behavior. Combined with marketing strategies, this tool will help you increase your revenues wisely.

Anyservice connector

This powerful connector allows the customer to integrate the vending machine in the logistic chain, automatizing almost the whole process in “One Application”. (https://anyservice.cloud)

Remote monitoring

A simple system that allows you company to integrate any platform and display remotely the status of the vending


Workforce Management

Is a mobile application that guides and helps your field technicians through their daily activities. When deploying new services or repair jobs, the app provides powerful tools to localize machines, interact with devices and document relevant information such as photos, geo-references, digital signatures and material used.

Smartphone and tablets applications

  • Productivity Benefits
  • Inventory Control
  • Document Jobs
  • Real-time Interaction
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