Whether your client is a home owner interested in a single-site surveillance system for home security, or a large business interested in a Multiple Site Recording System, we are eager to show you the benefits and affordability of IoTCentrex.

Home Automation

ioTCentrex makes your clients’ lives easier by simplifying the management of their home with a customizable and easy-to-use experience. Wherever they are, out of town or coming back to home, offer them the opportunity to bring their house alive from a smartphones, tablet or computer.

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Video Surveillance

Home or Office monitoring with multi sensor, includes temperature, humidity, ambient light, sound and motion for flexible customization. Send notifications and record directly to the cloud when an event occurs. Expand Smart Surveillance with an indoor alarm to offer higher security.

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Smart City Surveillance

IoTCentrex Smart City Surveillance, On board Bus & Metro, and Smart City Security takes the latest technologies in cloud computing and cloud storage to provide a state of the art system that takes Security and safety to a new level helping cities and government in Improvement of public areas, Reduction in crime by Early Detection & Prevention.

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Home Security + Automation

The most complete home security and automation system.
Get everything in Smart Security and Home automation plus glass break sensor, CO, Fire and water detection to help prevent damage to your customers’ house. Send emergency signals when determinate events occur.

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