• Engineering
• Project management
• Installation of Platforms
• Infrastructure implementation (Racks, wiring, energy, etc.)
• Technologies integration
• Systems Operation and Management
• 24/7 Support – NOC located in Argentina
• Development of Tailor-made applications
• Network Auditing, analysis and optimization
• Training
• 24/7 Support – NOC located in Argentina
• Custom applications development
• Audits, Analysis and network Optimization
• Training
• Engineering, Installation, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance of Data Networks.
• Engineering, Installation, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance of HFC Networks.
• Installation of Satellite Antennas, Radio Base Stations
• Development of Special Systems for monitoring and administration of platforms.
• Development of mediators for the interconnection of TDM switches with IP Systems • Internal and External Fraud Control Applications
• Implementation, Maintenance and Management of Data Bases
• Management and Maintenance of Video on Demand Systems.
• Management and Maintenance of Systems for Commercial Insertion
• Training courses ” On Site”




• Installation of racks, trays, fiber-trays (ADC), and technical floors
• Installation, cabling certification and labeling: CAT5 / 6, fiber optic, coax, mini-coax
• Design and implementation of power boards and cabling.
• Implementation of Security and Access Control Systems.
• Design and Implementation of Networks external plants (fiber optic and HFC) 
• Detailed documentation



• Engineering of IP Network Projects
• Routers and Switches Installation and Configuration
• Design and Implementation of MPLS Networks
• 24/7 equipment maintenance and support
• Assisted in-situ operation
• Traffic optimization and quality service
• Audits and Network debugging



• Calculation of satellites and microwaves
• Installation and alignment of satellites antennas (uplinks and reception) until 10mts diameter 
• Installation and certification of microwave
• Installation and certification of SDH equipment 
• Calculation of enlace and implementation of OFDM (PaP y PaM) equipment 
• Operation and maintenance of Networks 



Implementation and Implementation of SoftSwitches: 
– CedarPoint 
– Nortel 
– Huawei 
• Configuration and operation of Class5 central
– Siemens 
– Lucent 
– Ericsson 
• Development and Implementation of CDR Mediation
• SS7, MFC:R2, Sigtran, etc. Protocol special development
• Legacy Management Systems vía X.25 
• Implementation and operation of PacketCable networks 
• Training in SS7, MFC:R2, SIP, MGCP, NCS Technologies 



• Design and engineering of Headend and VideHubs in DVB and Motorola technologies 
• Installation and configuration of: 

– Satellite receptors
– Encoders 
– Multiplexers 
– Conditional Access 
– Edge QAM 
– Commercial Insertion
– Video On Demand 

• Implementation of Monitoring Systems
• Operation and Maintenance
• Video Technology training


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