Experience, Innovative Capacity and Straightforward Field Deployments

DLO is dedicated to develop applications and platforms for the Telecommunications, Logistics, Hospitality, Retail, Vending and Payment Industries. Based in USA, the firm begun operations with the spin-off of tailor made systems developed by VoiceOverNet during the past 10 years. Once at DLO, they were reengineered to follow Quality process and certifications. DLO has also operations in Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain and USA.

DLO products have been implemented through The Caribbean, Central and South America and Europe. They are facing a fast market growth as they cope with the needs of innovative interactive services. The management team is composed of senior professionals that had key involvement in the most important telecommunication projects of the last two decades in the region. Their experience, innovative skills and execution oriented mentality contribute with the confidence required for the success of the products.


DLO make product innovation a priority. Its Research and Development facility is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina aimed to test technologies and study new specifications and standards while looking for development opportunities. As a continuing activity, DLO engineers participate and engage on several forums, organizations and consortiums that lead the way in the industry.

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