PosCloud is brought by DLO as its innovative application platform focused mainly in the restauration and hospitality markets, PosCloud is changing the way that business organizations acquire and utilize software applications and other computing resources. With the complexities of installing, running, maintaining and licensing solutions increasing all the time in running up Solutions and Applications, PosCloud offers an alternative to managing investments on software or in developing in house solutions.

Point of Sale

POS 365 is second to none in the world of POS applications, POS 365 has several modules which adds to the POS 365 uncountable functionalities such as Delivery, Table Reservation, Stock Control, Receipts, Payroll, Accounting, Marketing Campaigns and many more. POS 365 is an OS agnostic application, meaning that can runs either in IOS, Android or Windows. POS 365 also can by subscribed as a service in the cloud. .

100% stock control. Paperless, no more unproductive dispatches, Customer satisfaction improved.

From the mobile app managers or owners can: View Orders: new, paused, completed; Stock, Invoicing, etc.

Document jobs with:
Gps localization, Pictures, Digital signatures, Test measurements.

Inventory control: Track personal stock, Deployed materials by location, Camera bar-code reader.



Kitchen Monitor

In the hospitality industry, rapid service speed is essential. Intelligent kitchen display systems can be used to automatically deliver and categorize orders, ensuring chefs can easily understand and fulfil orders. POS 365’s intelligent kitchen display systems also support remote management software that enables remote device monitoring, database backups and recovery, and data management for reduced labor costs:


Systematic Order Management and Routing for Efficient Back-End Operations
Intelligent kitchen display systems automatically dispatch orders to the kitchen after categorizing each order item to ensure easy identification. This improves order management by streamlining the cooking process and increasing staff efficiency.

Order Scheduling Management for Enhanced Service and Meal Quality
Intelligent kitchen display systems can also be configured to schedule orders for delivery at specific times to help chefs avoid mistakes and reduce food wastage. Additionally, chefs can review the order schedule to prepare for later courses and ensure food is ready at the designated serving time.

Remote Device Monitoring for Convenient IT Maintenance
In addition to protecting against unwanted applications, the inclusion of remote management software enables managers to remotely monitor devices, conduct database backups and recovery, and configure power on/off schedules.



Payment Systems Integration

PosCloud has develops several applications and connectors, which allows the customer process with POS 365 different kinds of payments such as cash management, credit card processing, mobile payments, etc. :

• Credit and Debit Cards
• E-Checks
• Mobile Payments
• Wallet
• Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay.


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